World Costume Festival 2013



The World Costume Festival 2013 is a showcase of international costume designs for live performances on festivals, events, theatre and multimedia. The event is in conjunction with the Annual International Meeting of the Organization of International Scenographers Theater Architechts and Technicians (OISTAT) and Costume Design Group (CDG). The Philippine hosted last November 2001 in Davao City.


The WCF is now a tradition that will regularly stage in different regions and cities of the Philippines at any period of time and date annually. 


WCF2013 was organized by the PQ’11 Philippine Working Committee, in partnership with ITI-UNESCO Philippines and members of OISTAT-CDG.


With the valued support of AIR21. 

Department of Tourism,

And our Stragetic Partner GMA Network Inc.


WCF2013 was chosen by PQ’ Working Committee in the World Heritage site of Vigan City, rich with her hand-weaving traditions that live from many years back of the Ilocano people. As Vigan City is advances their awareness on technology, it also the start of their link to the global trend. Proud with her world class fabric - Abel cloth, vivid with its Heritage culture that makes them another distinct Filipino Art. The world of Scenographers on Costume must experience and enjoy the fun from the Philippines behind of the World Costume Festival.

April 27, 2013 – May 2, 2013 at the Heritage City of Vigan, Ilocos Sur Philippines



Main Exhibition

The “Golden Kneeling Carabao Trophy is the major exhibition component of the World Costume Festival 2013’s exposition of costume design of “Realized Festival Costume" or "Performed Live Performance Costume”. 

This exhibition has two (2) Categories:


However, only ONE (1) Winner will be selected from the combined categories to receive the symbolic - 

 Golden Kneeling Carabao Trophy” - the highest honor for the Costume Designer, passed to the taste and observation of the juries from the exhibit and was well presented during the Grand Street Parade Presentation. 

The "Burnai Trophy" is a salute honor of the Heritage City of Vigan to all Top Winners in All Competitions.

A. The Local / Regional Category Exhibition
(Regions or Cities from the 17 Regions of the Philippines)

  • Fifty percent (50%) of judges’ total points from this category will be added to the Street Dance Presentation to complete the 100% total points.
  • Criteria for Judging of the costumes: the originality of the design, its functionality, choreography, music that represents their traditional festival.
  • Exhibit entry will be displayed using mannequins.
  • The entry will be accompanied by the artist’s sketches and photos of the realized design including the information on how the design was conceptualized and a description of materials used. It is required to be submitted by the designer as well.
  • Exhibit entry with out duplicate for the Grand Street Parade Presentation may put down the exhibit on the day of the Grand Street Parade Presentation.
  • A minimum of twenty (20) participants (musicians included) are allowed for the Street Dance Parade.
  • Fire Effects are not allowed.
  • It is PROHIBITED to do direct stomping by any musical instruments on the heritage road cobblestone during street dancing parade. Hand carried or improvised rolling (soft wheels) music instrument is most welcome.
  • Photograph of Costume Design in Full Body shots must be send via e-mail < > together with the entrée.
  • Your entrée will be officially entered on final selection upon registration.
  • Registration Form available via request at WCF-Sectretariat < >
  • Photos and artist’s sketch must be submitted not later than February 24, 2013.
  • Realized design entrée covers Year 2011-2012 only.                                                                                          

The International Category Exhibition

Participant /Delegates

  • Fifty Percent (50%) of judges total points will be added to the Street Dance Presentations

        (Note: The International costume should be worn and performed either as a single performer or group. 

                  Recorded music will be played at the assigned judge’s station.)

  • The entry will be accompanied by a rationale on how the costume was design, highlighting functionality with aesthetics of visual, choreography, and music in either traditional or non-traditional art for their festival.
  • Exhibit entry will be displayed using mannequin (Male/Female form must be coordinated before hand).

  • The Entry will be accompanied by artist’s sketches and photos of the realized designed. Also graphic text information about the design and the designer with his/her Medium shot photo. Small portable DVD player video monitor is encouraged.
  • Exhibit entry with out duplicate for the Grand street parade presentation may put down the exhibit on the day of the Grand Street Parade Presentation.
  • Another Fifty Percent (50%) of the judges sum point will be added base on the Actual Street Dance Parade to be held at Crisologo Heritage Street of Vigan.
  • A Fire Effect is not allowed during the Street Dance Parade.
  • Registration Form available via request at WCF-Secretariat < >.
  • Realized Design Entrée cover Year 2011-2012 only.
  • Theatrical stage production or any live performance will also showcase on the street Dance parade to be judge for another fifty percent (50%). Improvise movement is require to see the quality of the design as the performer or actor wears it.


  • Exhibition Entrée fee is US $ 50 or Php 15,000.00 for Single Exhibition Entrée 
  • Street Dance Parade Presentation  entree' fee is US $ 250 (Philippines) and US $ 100 (International)
  • Participants needing model or actor body to wear the costume is available at the CWF-Secretariat for a Correspondent Fee of Php 600.00 or (US$ 15.00) per head. This must be specified at the registration note.

Please deposit registration fee to
    Sinag Arts Foundation, Inc.

      Acct. No.   3151-044521                           


For more inquiries email WCF-Secretariat at < >


The WCF 2013 Collaborative Workshops

Costume Festival with International Collaborative Design Workshop

Conducted by Rolando M. de Leon

Member of the OISTAT Costume Design Working Group.

National Curator of Award Winning Philippine Pavilion PQ’11 People’s Choice Award from Children the “Rainbow Cormourant” Trophy,Top 20 Exhibitor Entry of the “EXTREME COSTUME EXHIBITION” in recent Prague Quadrennial 2011, held in Prague, Czech Republic.Sponsored by GMA Network, Inc. to join the art Installation at UN Conference in RIO+20, Rio Cento, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - June 19-22, 2012.

During the workshop, different kinds of fabrics and other indigenous materials including existing recycled found objects will be provided for so that expressions on designing pattern, texture, colour, shapes can be realized creatively and well executed by the collaborative designers. In this way, the workshop can enhance the participants imagination in designing and executing an “on the spot costume design” beyond the traditional and modernism.

The created costume will be presented in a form of fashion show during the fellowship night, followed by a Cultural Presentation of Vigan Heritage City.

There will be Twenty (20) local designer slots allocated who will be paired to collaborate with OISTAT- Costume Working Group and South East Asian Delegate Designers.

Registration Fee is US$ 350 (inclusive of workshop portfolio/ food during the workshop) foreign delegates

Php 14,700.00 for local participants (inclusive of workshop portfolio/food during the workshop.

All materials will be provided for including body form, sewing machines.

Please deposit registration fee to:


       ACCT.NO. 3151-044521


For more inquiries email WCF-Secretariat at < >

World Body Painting Competition

A medium of expression using the human body as the artist’s canvas.

Who : Open to all Artists and Designers

What : Presentation and Competition will be on April 28,  2013

           7:00 AM – Calle Crisologo Heritage Street

                           Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

           8:00 PM – Vigan Convention Center

                           Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

How : The creation must cover the whole body (to include the head and hair) with costume or collage including as enhancements.

The total visual enhances the whole idea of art form.

Body painting should cover at least 60% of the model’s body.

The hair style must be part of the entire composition, including the hands and the legs.

Nudity is accepted as long as it will not be indecent or connotes a Sexually explicit presentation.

To maximize time to be used for actual body painting, enhancement such as costumes is recommended/and allowed to be prepared way ahead of time.

More : The allotted time for preparations within three (3) hours before the actual presentation.

The competing artist assumes the sole responsibility for the models’ safety, regarding the use of chemicals applied on the model’s body/skin.


  • Single Body entry
  • Couple Body entry

(Note: impromptu choreography/body movements can enhance competition chances.)


  • Gold Medals will be awarded to the Top Five qualifiers for each category.
  • Only (1) Grand Champion will be chosen from among the top five (5) qualifiers of both categories.
  • Special award with sponsor choice award will be given on Best Hair and make-up, choreography interpretation and Best Model Interpreter for both single and couple category.

Other details/Entry requirements:

  • The presentation of the entry will be performed on a ramp measuring 8ft x 80ft ramp with elevated riser from the main stage background.
  • The participants must submit a short paragraph annotation and be read by voice over during the ramp presentation.
  • Judging criteria will include 50% from jury votes on Street Parade Presentation and 50% from the Kapuso Fiesta Show.
  • Participants must submit a filled up registration form together with their passport size photo and preliminary sketch in jpeg format not later than April 15, 2013.
  • The model(s) must submit a registration form together with their passport size photo.
  • Designer participants may join in all Categories; registration fee applies per category entry, including models.
  • Participants must bring their own non-Toxic Paints and Brushes and other painting materials.
  • Upon arrival, ALL participants are advise to proceed to Burgos Memorial School East (it’s in Burgos St. Across City Hall and Kapitolyo) for Accommodation. Mats and Beddings are made available for free.


  • Local/Philippine participants will pay a registration fee of Php 500 
  • International participants will pay a registration fee of US $12.00 
  • Payment must be made in advance to attach the deposit transcript receipt in the registration form, and e-mail to:


  • Participants will be provided official Tag Number upon arrival and confirmed registration of participation at the WCF2013 Secretariat desk in Vigan Convention Center Lobby.
  • Board and Lodging not included. However, we have available Dorm Type facility at PhP 250.00 per day. For inquiries, send communication to or call/text 09162888795.

Please deposit registration fee to:

    Sinag Arts Foundation, Inc.

        Acct. No.   3151-044521                           


For more inquiries email WCF-Secretariat at < >



  • Open to ALL – digital, phone and/or film camera users.


  • Registration of Php 500.00, upon signing the application form (inclusive of ID, Access to All Activity Entrances)


  • On-the-Spot Photo Contest must cover all activities and events of the World Costume Festival 2013                                     (indoor and outdoor activities).


  • DIGITAL / FILM CAMERA CATEGORY (8’ x 10’Color Prints)
  • CAMERA PHONE CATEGORY (4’ X 6’Color Prints)


  • No maximum entry per participant
  • Data sheet should always be attached at the back of each entry.
  • Access to the performance and staging area of All events is strictly Prohibited.
  • Entries can be in colored and/or black and white. Printed on any photo paper and CD.
  • No manipulation on the photos
  • WCF Committee shall not be responsible for losses and damages of the entries.
  • Original media (negatives, slides, digital file disk) of all the winning entries must be submitted to the WCF contest committee before the awarding of prizes
  • All Submitted entries are the property of the World Costume Festival 2013.
  • All Entry must be submitted on or before 5:00 PM of April 30, 2013 at the WCF Secretariat-Information Desk – Vigan Convention Center Lobby.


  • Top 30 entries will be selected for BOTH Categories by the Guest panel of judges.
  • All the judges’ decision is final.



  • First Prize – Php 10,000 + Plus Airfare for Two (LAOAG TO MANILA)
  • Second Prize – Php 8,000
  • Third Prize – Php 5,000


  • First Prize – Php 10,000 + Plus Free Two Nights – “Stay for Two”
  • Second Prize – Php 8,000
  • Third Prize – Php 5,000




Announcement of winners will be at the Kapuso Day, May 1, 2013 – 3:00PM, Plaza Burgos

Please deposit registration fee to:

    Sinag Arts Foundation, Inc.

        Acct. No.   3151-044521                           


For more inquiries email WCF-Secretariat at < >

World Costume Festival 2013 Event Listing Competition

"GOLDEN KNEELING CARABAO TROPHY" (which means " Pag-alay") is given to outstanding Costume Design Entrée at the Costume Design Competition on Realized Design and with Combined jury’s point on Street Presentation Dance Parade. 

Grand Winner will receive US$ 1,000. 00 as Kapuso Cash Grant from GMA Network, Inc. 

  • Costume Exhibition Competition on Realized Design                 Venue: VCC Hall C
(Awards: 10 Gold Medals)          
  • Street Dance Parade Presentation                                            Venue: Crisologo Street
(Awards: 10 Gold Medals)                         
  • World Body Painting Competition                                               Venue: Crisologo Street & VCC
(Awards: 10 Gold Medals, Special Mentions) Cash Prize of Php 100,000.00
  • Workshop Culmination Presentation on Costume Assemblage  Venue: VCC
(Awards: 10 Gold Medals)
  • Workshop Culmination on Mask Making                                     Venue: VCC
(Award: 1 Gold Medal)
  • Workshop Culmination on Collaborative                                     Venue: VCC Hall C & Side Hallway
(Award: 1 Gold Medal) Special Cash prize
  • Workshop Culmination on Furoshiki                                           Venue: VCC
(Award: 1 Gold Medal)
  • Workshop Culmination on Jewelry Making                                 Venue: VCC

(Award: 1 Gold Medal)

  • Trade Booth Design Exhibition                                                   Venue: VCC Hall B
(Award: 1 Gold Medal, Honorable Mention) Special Cash prize
  • Photography Competition                                                           Venue: Entire WCF2013 Vigan Event
(Awards:10 Gold Medals) Special Cash prize
  • Filipiniana Best Elegant Costume                                               Venue: Crisologo Street to Cafe Leona
(Awards: 10 Gold Medals Male/Female Attire)

For more inquiries email WCF-Secretariat at < >
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Colleagues and Participants,

Deadline for Registration is on April 15, 2013. We suggest to submit your Application as your Official Participation, together with the following:

  • Official Registration
  • Four (4) copies of Work Photos in jpeg
  • Review of your Profile works
  • Passport copy
  • Payment/Deposit Slip copy

You can send your payment to:


       ACCT.NO. 3151-044521


not later than Ten (10) days before the Registration Deadline on April 15, 2013.

For more inquiries,email us at

or visit our facebook page at 

and our Official Website

Extending this invitation to your County and Other Affiliated Organization will be appreciated.

WCF2013 is really a Great Artistic and Cultural Event experience.

Our Best regards,

OISTAT Meets the Southeast Asian Scenographers


 Organization of International Scenographers Theater Architects and Technicians (OISTAT) is a global and active organization of Professional and educators from seven continents who practice the discipline of live performance, design and space. For the first time on the Southeast Asian Region, premier artists of theatre, live events and broadcast will sit-down to understand the importance of this practice that influence to every culture and traditions. The rational of this meeting is unveil the mystery behind of the Southeast Asian practice of design and reveal the great secret of great cultural foundation from beliefs and form a long history of tradition on technology traditions.


Who are invited?


Stage Designers, Costume Designers, Prop and Effect Makers, Light and Sound Technicians, and Architects whose interest is to explore more of possibilities to create design and structure beyond traditions and reality. The Scenographers are people dealt on actual time of visual drama, reflects the life of history and visions through artistic expressions of the director, actors, the technicians and the producers or the visionaries of performance arts.


One Strong Union of Organization


The creation of a strong union of Southeast Asian Scenographers will make the region more stable on sustaining the existing tradition practice with solid understanding and relative influences. Here, the future organization will organize more activities and meetings to associates in all allied arts practices. As be always in touch with its all members and linking each other to share for betterment.


The Initial program plan


All Southeast Asian delegates will meet the Executive officials from OISTAT to listen their mission and vision on the organization. The attending delegates will become a member of the newly organize group from the Southeast Asian region. Interim Officers will be chosen among all attendees. Announcement of amendment future plan will be calendar and create an annual cycle activities to make the organization active. The Southeast Asian Scenographer will be named as central representative for the OISTAT. All global and International events will be the main activities for the organization to participate for their country or region.


  • Delegates will pay a Registration Fee of US$ 350 covering the Main Conference, Talk and Lectures. Free Walk-in Access in All WCF2013 Events, Invitations on Social Functions, Exhibition Tickets for Performance and Side Event.


  • Delegates will submit Official Registration Form and Paid  Ten (10) days before the deadline on April 15, 2013.

 Presented by the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur, Heritage City of Vigan, PQ'11 Philippine Working Committee.


Please Deposit Payment to:


       Acct. No. 3151-044521                               BANK PHILIPPINE ISLAND (BPI)

The Exhibition Hall for Participating Nationals and Organizations.
Official Travel and Tour Booking Coordinator. Email us at:

Telefax: (077) 722 1676
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